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About All Bay Car Donations

All Bay Vehicle Donations is a full service vehicle management company. We provide value added vehicle management services throughout California and Nevada.

Our services cover all aspects of the car and truck donation process, but most importantly, our job is to maximize the value of the donated vehicle, as this provides the donor with the best possible tax deduction, and the non-profit organization with the highest possible return on the donated vehicle. We will provide the donor with all necessary IRS required documentation to support their vehicle donation,  including the “thank you letter” and “1098-c”.

We provide a safe, hassle free alternative to selling, trading-in or disposing of your used car or truck.

Car Donation Tax Law

The Tax Law has numerous methods by which donated vehicles can be valued, depending the situation. There is even a potential for a donor to receive a cash payment from a charity by means of an IRS allowed “bargain sale” rule. As well, vehicles with values in excess of five thousand dollars ($5000.00) can be appraised to determine your tax deduction. Further, a “fair market” value based on a vehicle index such as the Kelly Blue Book is now possible under many scenarios, such as the “material improvement” rule. Finally, in a majority of cases a donated vehicles value will fall under the “gross sales value” rule.   Ask us about the different tax deduction options. All Bay Vehicle Donations also suggests you consult with a tax professional or refer to the (IRS Website) and (BBB Website) if you have any questions regarding the donation of your vehicle and the benefits you may receive. For additional help and FAQ, see our blog.

Cars Acceptable for Donation

We accept running, non-running, clunkers, insurance totals, scrap and just about any vehicle. Proof of ownership is required in most cases. (Ask us about options if you are unable to provide proof of ownership.) Even if your vehicle is in poor condition, we have numerous GREEN RECYCLING options that will benefit the environment, the donor and the charity. Ask a representative for more information.

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