How to donate a car or truck to charity.

How to Donate a Vehicle

  1. Call or complete our online donation form — both options are 24/7.
  2. Have proof of ownership – title and/or current registration.
    1. If you don’t have proof of ownership, please let our staff know as we do have an alternative!
  3. Schedule a pickup time, 30 min windows, Monday – Saturday.
  4. All paperwork is completed at time of scheduled pickup.
    1. Most paperwork is pre-completed by us, and in most cases only requires donor signatures.
    2. A quick, simple, user-friendly process! Your time is valuable! We Understand!
  5. OUR state-of-the-art tow trucks and professional drivers pick up your vehicle – NO third party “fly-by-night” tow operators.
  6. Vehicle is delivered to our large processing facility and evaluated for repairs, emissions and best sales alternative.
  7. By IRS law, after the sale of your vehicle is complete, we provide you a 1098-c and a “Thank You” letter.
  8. Your tax deductible value will in most cases be a factor of the “Gross Sales Value” as out-lined in the IRS Tax Code.
    1. There are tax deductibility alternatives such as “Material Improvement” and “Intervening Use”. (Call us to discuss, or speak to a tax professional)
  9. The non-profit charity of your choice receives their proceeds on a regular basis.
  10. Provide your tax professional with your complete vehicle donation package, including 1098c and Thank You Letter we provide you, or if you self prepare, attached this info to your annual tax filings.
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