Ten reasons to donate a vehicle to charity.

Reasons to Donate

  1. A SAFE & quick alternative to selling or trading-in your car.
  2. No DMV or Emissions (smog) hassles.
  3. Excellent tax planning (deduction) option.
  4. All vehicle conditions acceptable; including non-running, accident damage, clunkers and insurance totals.
  5. Donating is a form of Recycling – A Green Solution.
  6. Help a non-profit charity of your choice.
  7. Simple, user friendly process – Online or by Phone.
  8. All DMV and IRS paperwork completed and provided to the donor.
  9. All vehicles promptly picked up and towed for donor convenience.
  10. Value added repairs to maximize vehicle value and your Tax Deduction at NO cost to you!

For helpful hints, news, and reviews pertaining to the benefits of car donations, see our News Page.

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